Selecting the ideal type of flat roofing for commercial roofs is a complex decision. If an unsuitable roof type is installed, the whole commercial property might face difficulty. Flat roofs are an ideal choice for commercial roofs.

Most commercial concerns prefer installing flat roofs because they are more cost-effective than pitched roofs. For residential properties, installation of pitched roofs is easier; however, since the commercial buildings are large and have many storeys, it is impractical and also dangerous to install steeped roofs on the same.

What are the different types of commercial flat roofs?

Built-up roofs

BUR, or built-up roofs, are the oldest forms of commercial flat roofs. Semi-flexible layers of felt and piles of fabric are placed on the flat roofs. This is an easy flat roof installation process. Moreover, since the BUR roofs are durable with a yearly inspection, you can easily manage the BUR roof. Moreover, BUR roofs are leak-free and ideal for commercial roofs.

Modified bitumen roofs

Modified bitumen flat roofs are another popular variant of commercial roofing solutions. This is like a rubber layer on the roof, which can also handle high foot traffic. Since the layer of the rubber is thick and incredibly durable, the roofers prefer using MBR as a flat roof solution.

Sustainable green roofs

If you want to add sustainability to your commercial building, then installing a flat green garden roof is a good solution. These are beautiful eco-friendly rooftop options with live vegetation and gardens. This multi-layered roofing acts as a natural insulator for the upper storeys of commercial buildings.

Thermoset single-ply membrane roofs

EPDM is another commercial flat roof variant. It is a technologically tested flat roofing solution. EPDM roofs are highly durable and provide long-term protection for commercial flat roofs. The materials used for the EPDM roofs are typically black. Hence, the material is also not reflective and increases the emergency efficiency levels of the roofs.

PVC single-ply membrane roofs

PVC flat roofs are an ideal solution as they are also resistant to oils and fats and weather conditions. These roofs are also waterproof, so they are ideal for commercial flat roofs.

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